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Malcam showcases its innovative MMA-4022 system for measuring and profiling Farmer Bales as well as the latest generation MLS-Ex Lab Unit through worldwide seminars and technological presentations.


-          Seminars and roadshows in Thailand, February 2015

-          Seminars in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania, February 2015

-          Seminar in Switzerland , March 2015  

-          Seminar and road-shows in India, July 2015

-          Seminar in Bulgaria, August 2015

-          Seminars and road-shows in the US, August 2015


-          Malcam will provides technological seminars during the coming TABEXPO London, Oct 2015 in the fields of:

                           (i) TQM using MMA 3rd Generation;

                          (ii) NTRM and warehouses management

                          (iii) Grading of Tobacco using MALCAM sister company technology


  Future seminars :

  •        in US, Nov 2015
  •        in China, Jan 2016
  •        in  Brazil, February 2016
  •        in South Africa, March 2016



October 2015 – Malcam will conduct a day seminar for the tobacco industry in Hungary.



October 2015 – Visit our both at TabExpo 2015 in London. (http://www.tabexpo-london.com/)



August 2015 – Malcam will conduct a day seminar for the tobacco industry in Bulgaria.



July 2015 – Malcam conducts its yearly seasonal visits with its US Tobacco customers to prepare them for the upcoming Flue-Cured purchasing season.



June 2015 – Malcam has announced its new compact mobile scanner, based on MALCAM Microwave Tomography scanning technologies, MMA for on line sensing materials and MLS-Ex for large samples mobile system. This represents a major advance for process control, product quality inspection onsite solutions, say company officials.

Most moisture sensors are fairly limited to the upper layer measurements of the material levels and also some are very sensitive to the material temperature and density,  but MMA and  MLS-EX are compact, light enough to be mounted on mini silos for online sensing and MLS-Ex for mobile enclosure. The MMA/MLS works on secured WinBale / WinMal both local secured data-bases with Rapid performances using MALCAM patented technologies.

The new MLS-Ex system allows users to scan and validate material and return it to the box/sheet/case/bale, this provides high values to users. Wide-applications enables mufti tasks and missions in real time thanks to MMA/MLS-Ex sophisticated processing algorithms. Operators can later access archive in order to trace related events over time.

MLS-Ex Compact was first tested in several Malcam's customers sites and deploy to several key customers during Q4-2014 and Q1-2015.



May 2015 – Malcam expands its presence in the Far East with deployment of additional systems in Japan, Singapore and Thailand.



April 2015 - Malcam introduces the newest generation of its MLS (Mobile Lab System) for easy, fast and non-destructive moisture measurement of a wide array of materials.



February 2015 – Malcam is proud to announce its new and innovative solution for Recycled Paper and Cardboard Bales, the MMA-2020R.