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In the plastic, chemical and mineral industries, an important stage during R&D, production and QC/QA processes involves laboratory analytical testing of moisture content, density and uniformity. This includes analysis and understanding of the obtained data and information on the materials in relation to the parameters, operating conditions and characteristics of the operations and processes used, in a statistically meaningful manner. To achieve an optimal processing and manufacturing environment, the obtained data and information is especially useful for designing, performing, analyzing and monitoring feed-forward and/or feedback process control at any number of stages in the production process, as well as for QA/QC monitoring.

Malcam has the expertise and the experience to provide this industry with patented, field proven solutions for online and off-line measurement of moisture and density in bulk, packaged or free flowing materials.  Malcam's solutions integrate sophisticated software-based classification techniques with patented, field-proven microwave-based systems for non-invasive, non-destructive measurement and determination of moisture content, density and uniformity in materials.
Malcam's volumetric moisture and density tomography systems increase process efficiency and control, enhance product consistency and improve product quality.

Read more about our innovative solutions for the Chemical and Minerals industries:
•    MMA-9020 – Online moisture and density deviation analyzer for PPM level chemicals
•    MMA-8040 – Online moisture and density deviation analyzer for concrete, coal, grit and sand
•    MLS-Ex - Modular Laboratory System for material samples (non-destructive)