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In the pulp and paper industry, an important stage during receiving, processing and QC/QA involves moisture measurement of the material, to determine the actual content of water existing in the material. This is particularly important when considering the stringent international specifications for pulp designated to the paper industry, and the significant of water content in woodchips for pricing and chemical processes. Paper mills who purchase woodchips are measuring water content using the Oven which is a significantly time and labor consuming method. For pulp moisture measurement, manufacturers use a point method (Probe) for testing moisture, but this is a regional method only capable of estimating the overall volumetric moisture in a given bale. Additionally, the point method is limited in providing analysis and understanding of the obtained data in relation to the parameters, operating conditions and characteristics of the operations and processes used in a statistically meaningful manner. Detailed analytical data and information is particularly useful for preventing costly damage to the "Pulper" and other equipment's components, as well as to establishing, performing and monitoring QC testing based on standardized physicochemical parameters, properties and criteria of the final product ingredients.

Malcam's patented, field proven solutions for online and off-line measurement of moisture and density in pulp and woodchips provides volumetric measurement, meaning the volume of material is tested resulting in highly accurate and reliable measurement within seconds. Pulp bales, sheets and woodchips can be scanned for moisture content online or offline according to facility requirements. All measurements are fast, easy to perform, non-invasive and non-destructive to the material.
Malcam's volumetric moisture and density tomography systems increase process efficiency and control, enhance product consistency and improve product quality.

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