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Healthy ecosystems and environments are necessary to the survival of humans and other organisms. Ways of reducing negative human impact are environmentally-friendly chemical engineering, environmental resources management and environmental protection (Such as bio-fuels and recycling). Moving towards sustainability is also a social challenge that entails international and national law, urban planning and transport, local and individual lifestyles and ethical consumerism. Ways of living more sustainably can take many forms from reorganizing living conditions (e.g., ecovillages, eco-municipalities and sustainable cities), reappraising economic sectors (permaculture, green building, sustainable agriculture), or work practices (sustainable architecture), using science to develop new technologies (green technologies, renewable energy and sustainable fission and fusion power), to adjustments in individual lifestyles that conserve natural resources.

Malcam’s involvement in sustainability sciences is in the introduction of new and innovative methods for improved measurement and control of Bio-Fuels and Recycled Materials commerce, production and usage. This is achieved by using Malcam’s moisture analyzers product line to perform fast, accurate, reliable and non-destructive analysis of the parameters of bio-fuels and recycled materials while allowing for full data sharing capabilities that can be utilized for fast decision making. Thusly greatly enhancing the production and quality control capabilities of the facility.

Read more about our innovative solutions for the Fiber industry:
•    MMA-2020-R – Online moisture and density deviation analyzer for recycled paper and cardboard
•    MMA-1045 – Offline moisture and density deviation measurement for material samples (non-destructive)
•    MLS-Ex - Modular Laboratory System for material samples (non-destructive)