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In the commercial food industry, an important stage during research and development, processing and QC/QA involves extensive and well documented laboratory and online analytical testing of moisture content, density and uniformity, along with analysis and understanding of the obtained data and information, of the raw materials, intermediate products or finished manufactured food products, in relation to the parameters, operating conditions and characteristics, of the particular unit operations and processes hosting the analyzed materials, in a statistically meaningful manner.

For achieving an optimally operating food processing and manufacturing environment, the obtained data and information are especially useful for designing, performing, analyzing and monitoring, in a 'smart watchdog' like manner, feed-forward and/or feedback process control at any number of stages in an overall sequence of manufacturing a finished food product. Such analytical data and information are particularly useful for establishing, performing and monitoring, QC testing based on standardized physicochemical parameters, properties and criteria of food product ingredients and formulations, as part of full-scale manufacturing of the finished food products, prior to packaging and eventual distribution to the consumer market.  This is especially relevant with respect to commercial food processes featuring high volume and/or high throughput of raw materials, intermediate products or finished manufactured food products. A selection of food manufacturing environments where Malcam can provide solutions includes: Grains, seeds and beans, including coffee and cocoa beans, food powders such as dry soup powders, milk powders, starch, spices etc., bulk dairy products such as cheese and butter, and more.

Read more about our innovative solutions for the Food industry:
•    MDS-6020 – Online moisture and density analyzer for bulk dairy products
•    MMA-6020 – Online moisture and density analyzer for bulk food materials
•    MMA-2000 – Basic online microwave moisture and Density Deviation Measurement Analyzer
•    MMA-6040 – Online and Inline moisture and density deviation measurement system for food on conveyors, pipes or in silos
•    MLS-Ex - Modular Laboratory System for material samples (non-destructive)
•    MMA-1045 – Offline moisture and density deviation measurement for material samples (non-destructive)