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In all stages of processing and commerce of various types of fibers and textile products such as: cotton, synthetic fibers, nonwovens and wool, whether in the receiving point, preprocessing, processing or quality controlled stages, there is great importance to extensive and well documented online and/or offline (laboratory) testing of moisture, density and uniformity parameters along with understanding and smart statistical analysis of the obtained data and information. Malcam's patented, field proven solutions for online and off-line measurement of moisture and density in fibers, cotton, wool and other textile materials provide volumetric measurement, therein, the volume of material is tested. Thus resulting in highly accurate and reliable measurements within seconds.

Packaged material can be scanned for moisture content online or offline according to facility requirements. All measurements are fast, easy to perform and non-destructive to the material. Malcam has been awarded qualification (IWTO DTM-63) for its Microwave Moisture Analyzer of wool by the International Wool Textile Organization (IWTO). The Qualification was awarded by the Wool Forum held on November 2005 in Biella-Italy. This important qualification allows wool manufacturers to use the Malcam MMA system for improving product quality process control as well as for pricing management. Malcam's volumetric moisture and density tomography systems increase process efficiency and control, enhance product consistency and improve product quality.

Read more about our innovative solutions for the Fiber industry:
•    MMA-2020 – Online moisture and density deviation analyzer for synthetic and organic fibers
•    MMA-2000 – Basic online microwave moisture and Density Deviation Measurement Analyzer
•    MMC-2000 – Offline moisture and density deviation analyzer for cotton bales
•    MLS-Ex - Modular Laboratory System for material samples (non-destructive)