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Malcam is considered a world leader in volumetric moisture and density measurement in the tobacco industry, with many years of experience and expertise in all aspects of tobacco processing needs and requirements. In all stages of processing and commerce of various types of tobacco whether in the receiving point, preprocessing, primary and secondary processing, there is great importance to extensive and well documented online and/or offline (laboratory) testing of tobacco parameters along with understanding and smart statistical analysis of the obtained data and information. This data is used for a variety of needs such as: Supplier management, production line quality and yield management, etc.

Another significant impact of stringent water content control in tobacco is the development of NTRM substances in stored tobacco bales. It is well known that the level of NTRM in tobacco is affected by the existence of water inside the bales. Accurate and reliable volumetric measurement of bales' moisture levels prior to storage is an important step toward controlling and preventing the development of harmful NTRM substances in the tobacco. MALCAM's moisture and density information systems are based on patented, field proven microwave technology incorporated with smart analytic software providing accurate online or offline, real time and volumetric moisture and density levels of tobacco.

Read more about our innovative solutions for the Tobacco industry:
•    MMA-4022 - Online moisture and density measurement system for tobacco bales / C-48
•    MMA-2000 – Basic online microwave moisture and Density Deviation Measurement Analyzer
•    MPA-4022 - Multi Platform Analyzer for cigarette factories
•    MMA-4040 - Online and Inline moisture and density deviation measurement system for tobacco on conveyor or in silos
•    MLS-Ex - Modular Laboratory System for material samples (non-destructive)