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Using offline and laboratory microwave moisture and density measurement systems is ideal for applications where the measurement has to be done in a location external to the production line or even external to the production space. It can be done outdoors – where received raw materials has to be checked for moisture levels, in the field (in cases of agricultural goods) or in a lab alongside the production line.

Malcam's offline and laboratory moisture and density deviation measurement solutions measure the volume of the material sampled, as opposed to other measuring techniques which measure only the surface, probe or small sampling. Malcam's systems provide highly accurate results in real time, not affected by material density, temperature, color or by the ambient condition of the working space.

Malcam’s offline and Laboratory systems offers a simple, safe, non-destructive and non-invasive method to volumetrically measure moisture and density deviation in a wide array of materials. Malcam's offline and laboratory systems provide fast, accurate and reliable volumetric moisture testing for a wide range of sample types, moisture ranges, quantities and weights. Malcam’s solution can be customized and built to spec to accommodate different specifications for a wide array of materials.

All Malcam's offline and laboratory systems can connect to a computer via RS-232 for data log, diagnostics and setup, with a multi-scenario based software and an SQL based database running under Windows 7. Malcam’s software solutions provide customers with innovative tools for ultimate data analysis and easy data sharing throughout the organization which enables fast decision making and heightened quality control.

Read more about our offline and laboratory solutions for:
•    Tobacco – MLS-Ex
•    Rubber – MMA-1045
•    Fibers – MMC-2000
•    Food – MLS-Ex, MMA-1045
•    Sustainability – MMA-1045 (Woodchips), MLS-Ex
•    Pulp & Paper – MMA-1045, MLS-Ex-P
•    Chemicals & Minerals – MLS-Ex