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Founded in 1994, Malcam is a world leader in volumetric moisture & density measurement systems based on microwave tomography. Malcam’s systems are especially designed for quality control in manufacturing processes in a wide range of industries. With over 14 registered patents and hundreds of systems worldwide, Malcam’s innovative microwave data processing technology and expert systems enable quicker ROI, improve line productivity, and enhance product quality.   Malcam develops, manufactures and markets online and offline, microwave volumetric moisture and density information systems based on patented, innovative microwave data processing technology and expert systems. This technology, which provides highly accurate and repeatable volumetric measurement of material, is more reliable than alternative methods, which only measure surface / sample moisture content.

Malcam’s Moisture and Density measurement technology is integrated into a line of Microwave Measurement Analyzers MMA™ specifically designed to improve line productivity, enhance product quality and reduce merchandise wastage, with an exceptionally fast return on investment rate. They are suitable for an extensive range of industries requiring the ability to measure moisture content and density deviation in their products online, inline and in real-time. Typical examples include manufacturers of rubber, tobacco, fibers, cheese, dry foods, pulp & paper, minerals, and bulk chemicals. With an Israeli headquarters and multiple service centers around the world, Malcam pioneered the integration of microwave-based moisture and density analyzers into multiple markets. Malcam’s systems are operational in hundreds of sites worldwide in various industries and applications.